Billet Tie Downs Frequently Asked Questions

All of our Tie-Down Anchors are sold in pairs. A Tacoma can use one pair of Bed Tie-Downs at the front of the bed, and a Tundra can use two pairs, one at the front and one at the rear of the bed. Rail Tie-Downs are also sold in pairs and can be installed on the front and side rails of your bed, so it's up to you how many and where you would like to use them.
If you have a spray-in bedliner, you can still remove the factory tie-down anchors. First, carefully cut along the edge of the anchor using a razor blade. Make multiple light passes to cut through the bedliner. Then use a pick or small screwdriver to remove the bedliner inside the Torx head. You may find it useful to lightly tap the T40 bit into the screw head with a hammer. Your new Billet Tie-Down Anchors are wider than the factory ones and will normally cover any missing bedliner.
The OEM Tie-Downs stick up above the bed rails and are incompatible with many tonneau covers and camper shells. Your new Billet Rail Tie-Downs sit flush with top of the factory rails, so if your tonneau cover installation still uses or relocates the rails then these will also work.
Yes! Several customers run our Billet Tie-Down Anchors with a bed extender.
Yes! Because you need a tool to install them, they are harder to steal than the factory Rail Tie-Downs which are only secured by a plastic knob. You can also use a padlock through the slot for extra security.
You will need a 6mm hex wrench or bit to install the Bed or Rail Tie-Down Anchors. To remove the stock Bed Tie-Downs you will need a T40 Torx bit. If you want to torque them you will also need a torque wrench and compatible 6mm hex bit socket, but many customers are comfortable simply tightening them by hand.
Yes! Simply loosen the bolts with a 6mm hex and you can slide them to any position along the rail. If you want a positive lock for maximum strength, use the stepped side of the plate and make sure it locks into one of the notches inside the factory rails. If you want to be able to slide them anywhere on the rail, then install the plate backwards so the step does not catch the notches in the rail.
We strive to ship every order within 24 hours on all in-stock items. If something is not in stock you will receive an email advising approximate ship date, or asking if you would like to substitute another color that is in-stock.