Rail Tie-Down Anchors for Jeep Gladiator (PAIR)

Rail Tie-Down Anchors for Jeep Gladiator (PAIR)

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The perfect accessory for your Jeep Gladiator truck is finally here! Introducing our Billet Rail Tie-Down Anchors! Designed specifically for 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator JT models with OEM Trail Rails, these anchors are engineered to enhance your truck's functionality and durability. 

Crafted from machined 6061-T6 aluminum, our Rail Tie-Down Anchors offer exceptional strength and reliability. The anchors are further enhanced with an anodized or powdercoated finish, providing corrosion resistance and a sleek look that complements your truck's aesthetics. Each anchor is thoughtfully engraved with our logo, symbolizing our commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Included with the anchors is a set of Grade 8.8 mounting hardware. These high-quality fasteners ensure a secure and long-lasting installation, giving you peace of mind during heavy-duty use. By replacing the stock flimsy plastic cleats, our Rail Tie-Down Anchors offer a significant upgrade in both appearance and functionality.

With a lower profile design and increased open area, our Rail Tie-Down Anchors provide ample space to attach straps securely. Whether you need to secure cargo, camping gear, or equipment, these tie downs offer multiple methods for attaching ratchet straps, bungee cords, or ropes. The radius on the inside of the anchors ensures that your straps and ropes won't be cut or damaged during transportation.

Our Rail Tie-Down Anchors boast a flush design, allowing them to seamlessly integrate with tonneau covers and camper shells. This means you can maintain the sleek and streamlined look of your truck bed while still having reliable tie-down points. They are also designed to be compatible with the Retrax Bed Cover, ensuring hassle-free installation and use.

We've also incorporated a PATENTED Center Slot in our design, specifically engineered to retain tie-down straps. This means that you no longer have to worry about your straps slipping or coming loose during transit.

The patented locking plate also features a step to create a positive lock into the bed rail, preventing the Tie Down Anchor from slipping under load. Rest assured, your cargo will stay securely in place.

To install the new Billet Tie Downs, a standard M6 Hex bit is required, ensuring a straightforward installation process.

We take pride in designing and manufacturing our Rail Tie-Down Anchors in the USA. With our commitment to quality and precision, we have a patent pending for these innovative tie-down anchors, showcasing our dedication to innovation and excellence.

Upgrade your Jeep Gladiator JT Truck with our Rail Tie-Down Anchors and experience a new level of versatility, durability, and convenience. Whether you're a weekend warrior, an outdoor enthusiast, or a professional contractor, these anchors are the perfect addition to your truck, enabling you to secure your cargo with confidence. Trust in our product, designed to endure the toughest challenges and exceed your expectations.




  • Sold in pairs
  • Application: 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator w/ OEM Trail Rails
  • Machined 6061-T6, anodized, engraved with logo
  • Includes corrosion resistant, Grade 8.8 mounting hardware
  • Replaces bulky stock plastic tie-downs
  • Lower profile design with more open area to attach straps
  • Flush design fits with tonneau covers and camper shells
  • Fits with Retrax Bed Cover
  • Multiple methods for attaching ratchet straps, bungee cords, or rope
  • Radius on inside to avoid cutting straps and ropes
  • Center slot retains tie down straps
  • M6 Hex bit required to install the new hardware
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • Patent Pending


A note about anodizing: While we use the highest quality dyes and stringent anodizing processes, all anodized parts are susceptible to fading by UV and strong alkaline cleaners. 

To maintain the finish on your anodized parts, please follow these guidelines:

1) Reduce overall UV exposure. If you park in the shade or in a garage, or have a bed cover, UV exposure will be significantly decreased. 
2) Use mild or organic detergents. Soaps with high alkaline content could strip the dye from the aluminum. Ammonia, lye and strong acids will also strip the dye. There are soaps on the market specifically with low/no alkaline for this reason.

Defects in material and workmanship are covered one year from date of purchase for original purchaser, finish not included. Abuse or intentional damage are not covered.

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